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Königssee St. Bartholomä Königssee St. Bartholomä


While creating the world, god must have spent much more time while creating the Lake Königssee. Deeply embedded into ascending massive rocks lies the Königssee Lake with its crystal-clear water in the middle of the Alpine National Park Berchtesgaden. A fascination beyond imagination is what made the Lake Königssee popular all over the world.

The ride with a silent electrical-ship over the smaragdgreen lake  Königssee belongs to one of the most indispensable bavarian classics of all time. The mountain panorama is stunning. Mt. Watzmann, "Steinernes Meer" and "Hagengebirge" are surrounding the lake, which offers its very own special flair. At spring you can see huge waterfalls, in summer the green lawns take contrast to the sparse rocks, in autumn the forest glows in different colors and in winter the environtment changes into a white winter wonderland.

In St Bartholomew the popular church imprsses directly in front of the Mt. Watzmann eastern wall, the highest wall at the eastern Alps. The shadowy Berchtesgarden at the guesthouse St. Bartholomew invites you to drink something and relax.


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